Peer Support Services

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Peer Tutoring at SJSU - Peer Mentoring at SJSU - Peer Advising at SJSU




Various SJSU Tutoring

A Peer Tutor is:

An SJSU Peer Tutor is knowledgeable about the content in specific subjects and has been trained in meta-cognitive skills (learning and study strategies) which assist other students to increase their academic skills and confidence to succeed in SJSU courses. 

Where can you find peer tutoring at SJSU?

All Subjects:

Peer Connections
Location: SSC 600, Clark Hall 1st Floor
Services Offered: Tutoring, Mentoring, Workshops
Courses Tutored: Mostly lower division and writing
Hours: Mon-Wed: 10am-7pm; Thursday: 10am-4:30pm; Friday 10am-3pm

Athletic Student Success Center

Services Offered:
Tutoring, Mentoring, Workshops
Courses Tutored: Varied by semester – only for athletes


Jack Holland Student Success Center
Location: BBC 008/BT 53
Services Offered: Tutoring
Courses Tutored: 20(N), 121A, 121B, 122A, 140, 170, 177, 188, 190; see website schedule for full listing
Hours: Mon-Thurs, 9-6pm; Fridays 9-1pm

Civil Engineering:

Chi Epsilon-Civil and Environmental Engineering
Location: ENG 150
Services Offered: Tutoring
Courses Tutored: CE 99, 112, 160
Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays - 5-6:30pm

Computer Science:

Computer Science Peer Resource Center
Location: MQH 229
Services Offered:
Courses Tutored: Java Programming, Data Structures, Computer Systems, C Programming, Algorithms, Object-Oriented Design


Educational Opportunity Program:
Location: Clark Hall first floor
Services Offered:
Courses Tutored:
Varied by semester – only for EOP students


ESSC: Engineering Student Success Center
Location: ENG 344
Services Offered: Academic advising; career coaching
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30-4:30pm; closed 12-1pm daily.


Location: TBA
Courses Tutored: KIN 155, 158, 175
Hours: TBA
Contact: Email and put "Kin Tutoring" in the subject heading.


Math Department
Location: MH 221
Services Offered: Tutoring
Hours: Vary by semester; see website and tutoring for current schedule.

Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering Student Clubs
Location: ENG 114B
Services Offered: Tutoring
Courses Tutored: See website for more information.

Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, etc.):

CoSAC: College of Science Advising Center
Location: DH 213
Services Offered: Tutoring, academic and career advising
Courses Tutored: Lower division College of Science courses
Hours: Mon-Fri, 9-5pm (hours may vary)

Writing Center:

Writing Center
Location: Clark Hall 126
Services Offered: Tutoring
Courses Tutored: Any writing, including undergraduate and graduate students.
Hours: Monday – Thursday 9:30am-5:30pm; Friday 9:30am-2pm




Various SJSU Peer Mentoring

A Peer Mentor is:

An SJSU Peer Mentor is a supportive ally who is well-informed about SJSU college resources and has developed skills to effectively guide other students in their college transition process. 


Where can you find peer mentoring at SJSU?

 Educational Opportunity Program
Location: Clark Hall first floor
Students Served: Various mentoring programs for the students accepted into the EOP (first generation and low income).

Mexican American Studies
Students Served: Students taking lower-division MAS GE courses (MAS 10A, 10B, and 74).

Peers In Pride
Students Served: LGBTQQIA identified incoming first-year students, transfer students, and currently enrolled students.

Peer Connections

Peer Connections
Location: SSC 600, Clark Hall 1st Floor
Students Served: Primarily first-year and transfer students, however anyone may sign up for regular mentoring or come in to meet with a mentor when needed

School of Library & Information Science

Students Served: First year Masters of Library Science students in 203 course

Science 2 & Science 90T

Students Served: Students enrolled in Science 2 & Science 90T

ASPIRE/McNair Scholars

Location: SSC
Students Served: Low income, first generation in college (neither parent has a degree from an accredited four-year U.S. college or university), or registered with a disability hindering academic performance

Jack Holland Student Success Center
BBC 008
Students Served: Business students

VITAL  (Veterans Integration To Academic Leadership)

Location: Clark Hall 240A
Students Served: Any SJSU veteran



Various SJSU Peer Advising


A Peer Advisor is:

An SJSU Peer Advisor assists other students with academic adjustment to SJSU and to their major. SJSU Peer Advisors inform students about the department's degree, programs, and academic policies & procedures and what action needs to be taken next. 


Where can you find peer advising at SJSU?

College of Science Advising Center
Location: Duncan Hall 213
Students Served: First year and transfer Science students

College of Applied Sciences & Art Success Center
Location: MQ 533
Students served: CASA probation students

ACCESS – Social Science Success Center
Location: Clark Hall 240
Students Served:  Social Science students & veterans

Academic Advising & Retention Services
Location: SSC
Students Served: General education advising, undeclared students, students requiring remediation, international students, and those on probation or disqualified

Humanities & Arts Student Success Center
Location: CH 244
Students Served: All students within the college of Humanities & the Arts

Engineering Student Success Center
Location: Eng 344
Students Served: Engineering probation students


Location: SPX 56
Students Served: All students who request it
Hours: Daily
Contact: 408-924-3010 (during school year only)