About Tutoring at Peer Connections

Peer Connections tutors enhance students’ individual learning in particular courses. Tutoring is free for SJSU students.

Classic tutors offer appointments and drop-in tutoring for a wide variety of subjects as well as undergraduate and graduate student writing. Embedded tutors are assigned to specific sections and attend every class. Outside of class, they offer tutoring appointments for students in the course. 

Our tutoring program is internationally certified by the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA). 

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Check out our List of Tutors by Course for more information on the many courses we can assist you with, or Meet our Classic Tutors to learn more about them.

How do I get a tutoring appointment?

You can make appointments online, by phone at 408-924-2587, or in-person at our main location (SSC 600). Appointments are held in our main location or the Spartan Hub (Campus Village B). Please fill out our Tutor Form before scheduling your first appointment.

Do you offer drop-in tutoring (without an appointment)?

Yes! Drop-in tutoring takes place in our Clark Hall location (1st floor, across from EOP) and on selected evenings in the Spartan Hub (Campus Village B). See this semester’s schedule for hours.  No, Drop-in tutoring is on hold for the Fall 2020 Semester.

How will my tutor assist me?

The goal of tutoring is for you to become a more independent and confident student. Tutors are skilled at asking questions, suggesting study strategies, and clarifying concepts to help you learn in your classes. For example, a math tutor might walk you through an example problem to clarify the differences between two concepts, while a writing tutor might ask you questions about your essay to help you better organize it.

Tutors will not do your work for you. That means they will not do your homework, check every problem in your assignments, or edit your papers. You will learn to do those things for yourself!       


Do you have more questions about our tutoring program? Visit our FAQ!