Strengths Coaching & Workshops

Strengths Coaching & Workshops

People who use their strengths on a daily basis are happier and more productive.  Yet, often we are not encouraged to develop our strengths rather, we are advised to fix our weaknesses.  Strengths Coaching and the Strengths Workshops from Peer Connections will have you approach your talents with renewed energy.  

A strength is the ability to provide a consistent and high-quality performance in any given activity. To develop a strength, an initial talent is used and multiplied with your knowledge and skills.  It is then practiced until it becomes a strength.

The Strengths Team offers one on one coaching sessions to identify your talents and to learn how to develop these talents into strengths that can achieve desired goals and overcome obstacles.

Additionally, the team facilitates workshops throughout the semester to provide a space for those wanting to learn more about the specific application of their strengths in their academic, professional, and personal lives.   

Both the coaching sessions and the workshops are free of charge to SJSU students.  If you'd like to schedule an appointment, visit our Appointments page for more information.