College Success Workshops

College Success Workshops are presentations on academic and life skills that help improve students' college careers. These workshops are facilitated by Peer Mentors and are open to all SJSU students. Come meet other students to share ideas and
learn about success strategies and resources.

November calendar  


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Peer Connections Open House!

Come and learn all about Peer Connections' services and the many ways we can assist you! With prizes and free activities as part of SJSU's Fall Welcome Days.

Thursday, September 5th, 2-4pm

SSC 600

Finding Your Niche @ SJSU

Are you interested in getting involved on campus but you don't know where to start? SJSU offers students with a wide variety of opportunities for involvement. This workshop will provide you with insight on organizations across campus, how to get involved, and where to start looking for new opportunities. Monday, September 16th, 11-12pm

SSC 602

Intentions & Goal Setting

Ever feel like you're in a never-ending quest to meet your goals? Come to this workshop to learn about setting intentions for your goals, making your goals SMART, and slaying the dragons and obstacles along the way!

Tuesday, September 17th, 1-2pm 

SSC 603

New Home, New Me

In this workshop, we will be discussing moving away from home, and being in a new environment surrounded by new peers. Moving away from home and trying to adapt to a new comfort zone, with a big campus, with different faces can be overwhelming for branching off on your own. We want students to develop unfamiliarity within their new environment into their comfort zone.

Thursday, September 19th, 3:30 - 4:30pm 

SSC 602

Managing College & Time

As college students, we are expected to juggle classes, dedicate time to studying, go to work, and also have fun in our everyday lives. This workshop guides students to perfect the art of balancing time, and how to overcome the pressure of being a college student. We all have the same amount of time each day; the way we manage the time given to us determines our success.

Tuesday, September 24th, 12-1pm

SSC 603

Study Smarter, Not Harder

Has anyone ever stared at a book for 3 hours and made no progress on their studies? Ever feel like Spongebob when he tried to write his essay on Traffic Lights? This workshop aims to tackle the intricacies of studying techniques and strategies so that there is more time for other activities!

Thursday, September 26th, 3:30 - 4:30pm

SSC 602 

Strengths Workshop Series: An Introduction

Have you ever wondered what your best qualities are? Come to the Strengths workshop and get a basic understanding of general self-strengths.

Monday, September 30th, 1:30 - 2:30pm

SSC 602

Strengths: Interpersonal Learn how to use your strengths in interpersonal situations. Practice integrating your strengths into your personal relationships and teamwork.


October 2nd, 1 - 2pm

SSC 604

Cultivating A Growth Mindset Responding to challenges with either a Growth Mindset or a Fixed Mindset can transform your entire experience.  It's the difference between seeing a situation as a "failure" or one as a learning opportunity. Learn about how to cultivate a Growth Mindset and how to apply it to your daily life.

Wednesday, October 9th, 2 - 3pm 

SSC 603

Treat & Check Yo'Self Time invested into yourself is never time wasted. In this workshop, you will learn the power of self-care and mindfulness, and various self-care techniques that are perfect for busy college students. It is time to put yourself first!

Tuesday, October 15th, 3 - 4pm

SSC 602

DIY: Vision Board Bring your goals to life! Come join us to create your own custom vision board. We'll provide the materials, just bring yourself and your ideas!

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2 - 3pm

SSC 602

Strengths: Professional Development Let your strengths guide your career interests and develop your professional skills.

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2 - 3pm

SSC 603

 Understanding Rape Culture This workshop explores the dark and scary reality of Rape Culture, and its prevalence in college today. We will learn how to recognize subtle contributing factors to Rape Culture, then you will be provided with tools on how to dismantle Rape Culture, and how to support those affected by sexual assault. 

Wednesday, November 6th, 2 - 3pm

SSC 603

 Sleep Hygiene  

Do you consistently hit the snooze button in the morning? Do you find yourself tired throughout the day, even with several hours of sleep? Come learn your own sleeping pattern and how it impacts your life.

Thursday, November 7th, 10:30 - 11:30am 

SSC 603

Emotional Intelligence: Be a Giraffe, Not a Jackal It is important to be aware of our emotional intelligence to feel validated our feelings, and to recognize the feelings and needs of others. It is easy to shut out emotions from experiencing triggers, microaggressions, and any form of discomfort based on our fast-paced world. In this workshop, we will be exploring the language of a giraffe, and of a Jackal, empathy and oppressive language. How should we understand empathy, and how we should practice empathy. 

Tuesday, November 12th, 9:30 - 10:30am

SSC 603

Facing Your Fears We all have reasons that are keeping us from doing what we want - and often times it boils down to FEAR. Fear can cause emotional blocks that ultimately keeps us from achieving our goals. Prepare to dig deep, define your fears, and learn the tools to take action and live your life to the fullest potential! 

Wednesday, November 13th, 3 - 4pm 

SSC 603

Timeline of Success Sometimes it can feel like we're in a race with others and falling behind, especially when it comes to our ideas of personal and academic success.  Come to this workshop to learn a new perspective on redefining what success means and how to set the pace for your own timeline! 

Thursday, November 14th, 2 - 3pm 

SSC 603 

 Healthy Relationships: Breaking Up or Breaking Free  With relationships being impacted by external factors such as social media and temptation to seek pleasure elsewhere, it is no secret that creating and maintaining a healthy relationship requires effort. The work that goes into keeping these relationships strong needs to come from both parties, which is what often gets neglected. This does not solely apply to romantic bonds since relationships with peers and family members can reach points where happiness and growth are no longer present. This workshop will touch over what a healthy and unhealthy relationship looks like as well as the signs and steps to take when you notice you're in a toxic relationship. 

Monday, November 18th, 12 - 1pm

SSC 603

 Digital Minimalism Technology is intrinsically neither good nor bad. The key is using it to support your goals and values, rather than letting it use you. Common-sense tips like turning off notifications, don’t go far enough in helping us take back control of our technological lives, and attempts to unplug completely are complicated by the demands of family, friends, and work. What we need instead is a thoughtful method to decide what tools to use, for what purposes, and under what conditions. 

Thursday, November 21st, 10:30 - 11:30am

SSC 604 

 Time to Talk: Mental Health Certain conversations can be difficult to have, especially with your parents. Come join us to learn more about navigating the 1st generational experience, including the cultural and communication barriers between children and their parents. 

Monday, November 25th, 11:30 - 12:30pm

SSC 603


How do I sign up for these workshops?

Our student success workshops do not require advanced sign-ups and are first-come, first-serve. Just come to the room at the scheduled time, and see if there are seats available! Note that space is limited to 20-25 attendees maximum depending on the room's capacity.

What if I can't make the time of the workshop?

If you are unable to attend a particular workshop but would like more information on the workshop's content, please contact a Peer Mentor and let them know of your interest. It is possible that the Peer Mentor could go over some of the skills with you individually.

What if I am going to be late to or have to leave early from a workshop?

We ask that you do not arrive late or leave early, as it can be disruptive to the workshop and is a distraction both to presenters and the other students attending.

How do I prove that I attended a workshop?

Some classes or organizations may require that you attend a particular workshop.  We will work with you to provide that proof. Often we can sign the page of notes that you took.  If this is not sufficient, we may be able to email your professor, advisor, coach, etc. that you attended our workshop.

What if I want information on something that's not listed above?

We are always looking for more workshop topics. If you have something in mind, please see a Peer Mentor.

How are these workshops different from other workshops across campus?

Our Student Success workshops are facilitated by Peer Mentors, who bring a student perspective to each topic. However, we do encourage you to also check out the other workshops as there are an amazing variety of topics that range from health and wellness, diversity and social justice, to major and career development.