Information for Faculty

How do Peer Connections tutors and mentors work with my students?

Tutors at Peer Connections guide students to understand course concepts and develop the strategies and skills they need to be successful in their courses and academic pursuits. Students may schedule appointments with tutors or come in for same-day appointments. (Note that same-day appointments are not available for all subjects at all times. Students can check the Peer Connections tutor schedule in order to determine the best times to come in for tutoring.)

Mentors at Peer Connections serve as guides to the university experience, supporting and empowering all SJSU students during their academic and social adjustment to SJSU. They can assist students with challenges ranging from study strategies to roommate difficulties - students can talk to a Peer Mentor about any challenge they may be facing. Peer Mentors are trained to refer students to other campus resources if needed.

How can I verify that a student has met with a peer educator?

To protect the privacy and confidentiality of student records, peer educators and Peer Connections staff do not discuss the services that individual students receive at the Center. If you would like proof that your students have met with a peer educator, ask your students to speak with the Peer Connections Welcome Desk Staff and request an electronic attendance report, which they can then submit to you.

What are Class Announcements and how can I schedule one?

Peer Mentors are available to make class announcements during the first six weeks of the semester. These short presentations will inform you and your students about Peer Connections and our services. If you would like to request a class announcement, contact with your name, the course and section number, class meeting times and days, and the building and room number.

What are Peer Connections Workshops?

Peer Connections offers workshops on academic and life skills that help improve students' college careers.  In our workshops, we engage students in learning and personal development. Our workshops include, but are not limited to: Writing Skills Test (WST) Preparation, Getting Involved on Campus the Spartan Way, Smart Spartan Spending, Making the Best of Group Projects, How to Conquer a PowerPoint Presentation & Public Speaking Fears, and Tackling Stress & Finals the Zen Way. These workshops can be presented to your class upon request. Click here to request a workshop!

How can I highlight Peer Connections on my course syllabus?

We have prepared information that you can use for your syllabus - click here!


For more information:

If you have any questions or concerns about mentoring or tutoring at Peer Connections, please contact our Welcome Desk at (408) 924-2587 or