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Peer Mentors can present workshops for your student organization, fraternity/sorority, or SJSU class. Check the 'menu' below to see the workshops we have available, then fill out the form to request a workshop.

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Available Workshops


Informs students about goal-setting in college and helps them make SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goals for their college experience.

Time Management
Helps students practice their time management skills and learn about creating a weekly schedule; presents other strategies in order for students to successfully balance their college experience.

Gives students tips and techniques to take effective notes during class or during reading assignments in order for them to retain as much knowledge as possible.

Study Strategies
Provides tips and techniques for students to build better study habits in college. M
entors will share tips and techniques to assist students in studying smarter, not harder.

Getting Involved on Campus
Informs students about SJSU’s campus life and how to find involvement opportunities to help them make the most of their college experience.

Stress Management
Gives tips and strategies for students to manage stress during college. Through an interactive discussion of symptoms of stress, students will draw a bridge that takes them from "stressed" to "relaxed."

Test-Taking Tips
Informs students about what test taking in college looks like and offers tips and techniques to be successful at different forms of tests, such as objective or timed writing exams.  

Peer Mentor Secrets to College Success
Educates students on tips that cover a wide range of topics in order to help them progress through their college career. The workshop will cover how to explore academic interests, initiate faculty interaction, how to get involved, and finding campus resources.

Smart Spartan Spending
Shares strategies to effectively manage and limit spending, and encourage students to be more aware of their spending and budgeting.  

Online Learning
Discusses strategies to overcome academic and personal challenges related to online learning. This will also enable students to strategize for both short-term and long-term success in an online or hybrid class.    

Working in Groups
Discusses the benefits of working in groups, how to successfully work in groups, and to address potential setbacks and obstacles that groups may present along with some strategies to overcome them.  

Campus Safety
Raises student awareness about potential dangers or ways to prevent students from getting into dangerous situations. In addition, the workshop will encourage the behavior of an empowered bystander who promotes safety for oneself and for other Spartans on campus.  

Scholarships: The Smart Spartan Way
Shares tips and strategies that can assist students in finding and effectively applying for scholarships, and provides students with a list of scholarships at SJSU.   

APA and Other Documentation Styles
Reviews the approach and rules of using APA and other documentation styles, such as MLA or Chicago, which students would benefit from especially when writing papers.

Peer Review and Editing Essays
Exposes students to effective peer review and essay editing techniques. Three main areas of review are covered in this workshop: content, organization, and grammar (proofreading).

Study Groups and Review Sessions
Explores different methods for how efficiency in studying for a class can be maximized within study groups and review sessions.