Student Success Workshops

Student Success Workshops are presentations on academic and life skills that help improve students' college careers. These workshops are facilitated by Peer Mentors and are open to all SJSU students. Come meet other students to share ideas and
learn about college success strategies and resources.

Workshop Title


Date, Time & Location

Balance School and Life: Time Management

From the classroom to the workplace, college students face the pressure of many deadlines and responsibilities. This time management workshop focuses on how you can manage your time and multiple priorities. Even when everything seems to be a priority, you will learn effective strategies for how to stay focused, track and accomplish tasks, be productive each day, and also find time to relax. We all have the same amount of time each day; the way we manage this time determines our success.

February 11th
SSC 602

The Truth About Online Learning

Join us as we discuss strategies to overcome academic and personal challenges related to online learning. This workshop will also enable students to strategize for both short-term (such as online learning) and long- term success.

February 17th
SSC 602

Don't be Nutty! Sit Down and Study!

Build better study habits in college! Mentors share their tips and techniques to assist you in studying smarter, not harder.

February 22nd
12-1 pm
SSC 602

Apply and Thrive Off Scholarships

Do you know what it takes to win a scholarship? In this Scholarship Workshop, you will learn tips and secrets that can potentially assist you in winning a scholarship; In addition, a list of scholarships will be provided.

March 3rd
SSC 602

Ready, Set, Goal: Goal Setting

Goal Setting is a tool that creates a path and action plan for you to meet your goals. This workshop provides information about what goal setting in college looks like and tips on how to make S.M.A.R.T. goals.

March 10th
SSC 602

Success over Stress: Stress Management

Feeling overwhelmed by classes, work, and everything else you have on your plate? We will be discussing stress from the point of view of our physiological response structure, and how it differs from other species. This understanding will encourage you to look at stress differently and realize why it is extremely damaging. Through an interactive discussion of symptoms of stress, we will draw a bridge that takes you from "stressed" to "relaxed."

March 15th
SSC 602

Reach with your Speech: Public Speaking

Do you have a presentation coming up? Need some tips to wow classmates and professors? Do you want a safe and constructive environment, to practice before your presentation? Become an effective orator with our reach with your speech workshop. Learn tips and strategies to create inspiring and impactful college and career presentations. We will be going over how to create a flowing structure, productively use your anxiety, and techniques to better engage your audience.

April 5th
SSC 602

Spartan Secrets of Budgeting

Explore the financial resources that San Jose State offers. Learn the secrets on how to navigate these resources and make the most out of your dollar.

April 18th
SSC 602

Expand your Study Plan: Finals Prep

How you prepare for finals ultimately determines the success of your test. This workshop helps students create a final’s study plan, by breaking down material to digestible amounts. Letting students focus on the information instead of the anxiety of finals. Learn tips and tricks for effective study strategies, and how to efficiently use your time during finals.

May 11th
SSC 602


How do I sign up for these workshops?

Our student success workshops do not require advanced sign-ups and are first-come, first-serve. Just come to the room at the scheduled time and see if there are seats available! Note that space is limited to 20-25 attendees maximum.

What if I can't make the time of the workshop?

If you are unable to attend a particular workshop but would like more information on the workshop's content, please contact a Peer Mentor and let them know of your interest.  It is possible that the Peer Mentor could go over some of the skills with you individually.

What if I am going to be late to or have to leave early from a workshop?

We ask that you do not arrive late or leave early, as it can be disruptive to the workshop and is a distraction both to presenters and the other students attending.

How do I prove that I attended a workshop?

Some classes or organizations may require that you attend a particular workshop.  We will work with you to provide that proof.  Often we can sign the page of notes that you took.  If this is not sufficient, we may be able to email your professor, advisor, coach, etc. that you attended our workshop.

What if I want information on something that's not listed above?

We are always looking for more workshop topics.  If you have something in mind, please see a Peer Mentor.

How are these workshops different from other workshops across campus?

Our Student Success workshops are facilitated by Peer Mentors, who bring a student perspective to each topic.  However, we do encourage you to also check out the other workshops as there are an amazing variety of topics that range from health and wellness, diversity and social justice, to major and career development.  Student Involvement has compiled an online list of Co-Curricular Student Success Educational Opportunities at SJSU.