About Tutoring

About Tutoring at Peer Connections

Peer Connections tutors are SJSU students who have been trained to assist you with understanding course content and study strategies; they are also nationally certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). Peer Tutors can assist you with a wide variety of undergraduate courses: English/Writing, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Statistics, Health Science, Sociology, Humanities, and more! Check out our List of Tutors by Course for more information on the many courses we can assist you with.

Our tutoring services are available free of charge to all SJSU undergraduate students. Graduate students who are taking undergraduate courses may request tutoring for those specific courses only.

How can I get a tutoring appointment?

Most of our appointments are scheduled in advance - visit our Appointments page for more information on how to schedule an appointment with a tutor or how to get a drop-in appointment! We offer both group and individual tutoring, depending on which course you would like assistance with.

"My tutor asks me questions that help me discover the answers for myself."

How will my tutor assist me?

Peer Connections tutors will teach you strategies that you can use to understand your course material. Tutors will not do your homework, check every problem, or edit your paper - but they will assist you to understand concepts and walk you through strategies, improving your understanding of the material so that you can do homework on your own. For example, a math tutor may assist you with an example program to clarify course concepts, while a writing tutor will guide you in understanding structure and grammar so that you can clearly communicate your ideas. Tutors can also assist you with study strategies so that you work smarter, not harder!

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Do you have more questions about our tutoring program? Visit our FAQ!

Do you need assistance with note-taking/test-taking strategies, time and stress management, or other non-academic challenges? Visit our Peer Mentor page to learn how Peer Connections Mentors can assist you!