Supplemental Instruction

About Supplemental Instruction at Peer Connections

Peer Connections Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders support students who are enrolled in 'bottleneck' courses - subjects that are required but that also have a higher failure rate, such that a student who receives a failing grade may have delayed progress in their major. SI Leaders attend their assigned class and facilitate workshops and study sessions outside of the regularly scheduled class time. These sessions are focused on active student involvement and incorporate both content and learning strategies.

Meet our SI Leaders


I'm a student - how can I attend an SI Session?

If your course has an SI Leader, you will know on the first day of class! The SI Leader will introduce themselves and let you know when they will be holding SI Sessions. You can attend as many or as few SI Sessions as you'd like.

If your course does not have an SI Leader, you will not be able to attend SI Sessions. However, you can get assistance from Peer Connections' Peer Tutors and Peer Mentors.

I'm a faculty member - how can I get an SI Leader to assist with my course?

If you'd like to collaborate with Peer Connections and sign up to work with an SI Leader, click here for more information on our requirements, appplication, and current deadlines.