Embedded Tutors

About Embedded Tutors at Peer Connections

Our Embedded Tutors are assigned to a specific course. They provide course content support for students enrolled in their assigned course, including being present in the classroom. Embedded Tutors are available for one-on-one and/or small group tutoring during their office hours at Peer Connections.

Peer Connections tutors are SJSU students who have been trained to assist you with understanding course content and study strategies; they are also nationally certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

Meet our Embedded Tutors


I'm a student - how can I meet with an Embedded Tutor?

If your course has an Embedded Tutor, you will know on the first day of class! The Embedded Tutor will introduce themselves and let you know when they will be available for appointments.

If your course does not have an Embedded Tutor, you will not be able to work with an Embedded Tutor. However, you can get assistance from Peer Connections' Peer Tutors and Peer Mentors.

I'm a faculty member - how can I get an Embedded Tutor to assist with my course?

If you'd like to collaborate with Peer Connections and sign up to work with an Embedded Tutor, click here for more information on our requirements, appplication, and current deadlines.