About Mentoring

Mentoring at Peer Connections

Peer Mentors serve as guides to the university experience, supporting and empowering all SJSU students during their academic and social adjustment to SJSU. Peer Mentors are among the best, brightest, and most diverse SJSU students. They have been through the college transition and know some of the challenges you may be facing. Conversations with Peer Mentors are confidential unless there is a danger to self or others.

Peer Mentors can assist you with:

  • Strategies for effective studying, note-taking, test-taking, critical thinking, listening, and reading

  • Strategies for time and stress management

  • Strategies for effective communication and other life skills

  • Personal situations - Peer Mentors will listen to you and offer advice and assistance, which may include referral to other SJSU resources if appropriate.

  • Adjusting to life at SJSU (particularly for first-year and transfer students)

  • Navigating the university experience

If you need assistance with something that isn't on the list above, and aren't sure where to turn, a Peer Mentor would be happy to hear about your needs and guide you towards the appropriate campus resources.

Mentoring services are available free of charge to all SJSU students.

How can I meet with a Peer Mentor?

Peer Mentors are available for appointments scheduled in advance and same-day appointments, depending on their availability and your needs. To inquire about same-day appointments, come to any Peer Connections location and ask one of our Welcome Desk staff about meeting with a Peer Mentor. 

If you'd like to schedule an appointment, visit our Appointments page for more information. You can also fill out our Peer Mentor Request form to be matched with a mentor directly.

Professors: Want a Peer Mentor in your classroom?

Professors and instructors can request a Peer Mentor to visit their classes, either for the entire semester, for a one-time workshop, or for a brief introduction of the Peer Connections services which include both mentoring and tutoring. Peer Mentors will benefit your class by modeling good classroom behavior, giving presentations on navigating SJSU's campus, providing an in-class resource on the students' peer level, and contributing knowledge outside the regular curriculum for the class.

For more information, email us at peerconnections@sjsu.edu.