Q. A professor wants proof that I have met with a tutor or mentor. Can Peer Connections staff sign my assignment or contact my professor?

A. To protect the privacy and confidentiality of student records, Peer Connections staff do not discuss the services that individual students receive. If you need proof that you have met with a tutor or mentor, please talk to the Peer Connections Welcome Desk Staff after your appointment. They will send in a request for verification, which will be e-mailed directly to you. You can then submit that form to your professor.

Q. Can I work with a tutor using my laptop?

A. As per the Peer Connections Agreements, you must bring a printed copy of your assignment for the tutor to work on with you. However, you may bring a laptop with you for reference to online course materials and e-textbooks.

Q. I am enrolled at SJSU and also taking a course at a community college. Can I get tutoring for the community college course at Peer Connections?

A. Our tutors can only assist with courses that you are enrolled in at SJSU. If you are taking a course at a community college, we recommend that you look into that college's resources for tutoring assistance with that course.

Q. I am looking for private tutoring (for yourself, for a non-enrolled friend, for a child in high school, etc.). Can Peer Connections refer me to a private tutor?

A. Peer Connections does not do referrals for private tutoring. If you are looking for a private tutor for a pre-college student, we suggest checking with that student's school for resources.

Q. If I want to work at Peer Connections, what should I do?

A. Information on jobs at Peer Connections can be found on our Employment page. We do not hire Peer Tutors or Peer Mentors mid-semester, due to the intensive training required for those positions. Welcome Desk Staff may be hired as needed. Check our Employment page for more details on qualifications and our hiring procedure.