All students using Peer Connections' services are expected to follow these policies and guidelines. By scheduling an appointment, you agree to these policies.

For All Peer Connections Usage:
1. I will do my part to maintain a safe learning environment for myself and all students, student staff, professional staff, faculty, administrators, and visitors in Peer Connections.

2. I will arrive to my Peer Connections session on time.

3. Due to demand, appointments fill quickly. Therefore, if I know I will be late or need to cancel, I will call (408) 924-2587 as soon as possible so someone else may use the appointment time.

4. I understand that if I have 3 “no shows” (not showing up to the session or showing up more than 5 minutes late) or 3 cancellations in Peer Connections, or in Peer Connections and another department that uses Spartan Connect (e.g. major advising), a temporary hold will be placed on making new appointments until I speak with a Peer Connections professional staff member.

5. During sessions, my cell phone will be silenced to respect the time my tutor or mentor and I have together.

6. I understand that, although food and drink are allowed in the Learning Commons, I will be mindful that many people use this space and ensure that I keep my area clean. I understand that snacks or individually wrapped items are okay and drinks must be in securely covered containers.

7. When I use the Learning Commons or computers, I will swipe in when I arrive and swipe out when I leave.

For Tutoring:
8. I will be prepared for my tutoring sessions by attending class and taking notes to the best of my ability. I will bring questions for my tutor, along with my course syllabus and other
materials like my class notes, readings, and assignments.

9. I understand that my tutor will not do my work for me (e.g. check every problem in my homework or edit my papers). My tutor’s goal is to help me become an independent student.

10. I know that tutoring is not a substitute for attending class or visiting my professor’s office hours.

11. Undergraduate students: I understand that I may have a maximum of 1 appointment per week per subject (e.g. Math 31, Hist 15, undergraduate student writing), unless I have current Accessible Education Center (AEC) accommodations documentation on file with the Tutor Coordinator.

12. Graduate students: I understand that I may schedule a maximum of 1 appointment per week for graduate writing tutoring.

13. Undergraduate students: I know I can have a maximum of 2 appointments in a single day if the appointments are for different subjects (e.g. Physics 49 tutoring in the morning, undergraduate writing tutoring in the afternoon). In that case, I will give myself a minimum of a 30 minute break between appointments.

14. I understand that, in each subject, I will be matched with a specific tutor who will work with me throughout the semester. I may switch tutors once on my own. If I want to switch
tutors more than once, a member of the professional staff will meet with me briefly to ensure the third time is a charm and I find a good match for the rest of the semester.

For Mentoring Sessions:
15. My peer mentor is my guide to the SJSU experience. I understand that a peer mentor is not responsible for professional counseling or GE/major advising.

16. I understand that while my peer mentor will offer appropriate guidance and referrals, it is my responsibility to take action. My peer mentor can provide me with study strategies, time management skills, and student success skills to guide me through my SJSU experience.

17. I understand that peer mentors do not provide tutoring services on course content.