How to Schedule An Appointment

How do I make an appointment?

Before you can schedule your first appointment, you'll need to register with Peer Connections. You can register using our online registration Intro Form (you must be logged into your e-mail account to fill out the form) or by visiting one of our Peer Connections locations. Once you have registered, you can schedule appointments either in person or by calling us at 408-924-2587.

Note that you must be an enrolled SJSU student taking classes in the current semester in order to use our services. All students using Peer Connections' services are required to follow our policies and guidelines, also called the Agreements.

Can I schedule an appointment online?

Not at this time. We are hoping to have that available later in the Fall 2017 semester. We will make an announcement on this site once online appointment scheduling is available.

How long do appointments last?

Tutoring appointments can be either 30 minutes or one hour long for all courses, including writing appointments.

Mentoring appointments are typically one half-hour long, though the mentor may work with you for more time if they feel it necessary.

How many appointments can I make per week? Per day?

You can have up to three sessions per subject per week. 

You may schedule two appointments per day, though they must be for different subjects  - so while you could have a Chem 1A appointment and a Physics 2A appointment on the same day, you could not have two Chem 1A appointments on the same day. If you make two appointments in a single day, please give yourself at least a half-hour break between the two appointments to give yourself time to prepare.

How far in advance can I schedule an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment up to two weeks in advance.

Is my appointment going to be one-on-one, or will it be a group appointment?

Tutoring appointments are always one-on-one. Mentoring appointments are typically one-on-one unless you specifically request otherwise or the mentor sets up a group appointment with others from your course.

Can I see a mentor or tutor immediately?

If you are looking to see someone right away, we may be able to assist you depending on what type of appointment you need. For tutoring appointments, we strongly recommend that you book an appointment in advance - while our Welcome Desk Staff are happy to look for same-day appointments for you, we cannot guarantee that we will have appointments available. You can always check with the Welcome Desk to see how we can assist you!

For mentoring, our Peer Mentors are often available to assist you right away, depending on your needs. Peer Mentors can assist you with note-taking/test-taking strategies,  time and stress management, getting connected to the campus community, transitioning to the university, and other personal issues such as roommate or relationship challenges.

Note that a Peer Mentor is not a substitute for a Peer Tutor (or vice-versa), and that Peer Mentors cannot tutor you in course content.